Obrien Wakeboard

obrienwakeboardWhether a beginner or an intermediate wakeboarder, an O’Brien Wakeboard is definitely worth checking out. Obrien offers a long line of wakeboards, including the System and the Targa.

 The O’Brien Targa is a fantastic wakeboard for beginners. Its huge double barrel channels up and down the center of the board along with the ramp style molded fins are designed to help new riders get a better hold on the edge. The Targa also offers a smooth, continuous rocker and center fin that provide riders with stability.

 The Targa OBrien Wakeboard comes with crypt bindings and provides all of the performance and features needed for even the most advanced wakeboarders to pop off the wake, even though it is designed with beginners in mind. The Targa is recommended for riders who are between 140 and 230 pounds.

 Another great O’Brien Wakeboard is the System. Unlike the Targa, this board is geared more towards intermediate wakeboarders. However, it does offer some features that would benefit beginners as well. The System OBrien Wakeboard also has a continuous rocker with a single center fin that make the ride smooth and fast.

 The O’Brien System is very flexible and is known for its stable platform that provides smoothness and control. Its strong, straight edges, large barrel channels and molded fins contribute to the stability and provide an easy to hold edge.

 If you are just getting started in the world of wakeboarding or are looking for a new and improved board to enjoy on the water this summer, consider either the Targa or the System from O’Brien.

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Rule Bilge Pump

rulebilgepumpEvery good boater knows that it is important to have a good pump to keep the bilge clean and free of water. The water that comes over the boat generally flows to the bilge and can sit there for a long period of time eventually becoming rancid and possibly causing damage to the boat. There are many brands and types of pumps available; one of the most popular is the Rule Bilge Pump.

 Rule is a brand that boasts of quality boating accessories including their eco-friendly Rule Mate bilge pumps. They use a solid state water sensing technology that does not require a separate float switch on the pump. The Rule Bilge Pump sits in the bilge and when water reaches a height of 2 and ¾ inches a sensor first turns the pump on and when the water is gone another sensor turns it off.

 Another great feature of the Rule bilge pump is that it will only recognize and sense water that enters the bilge. It is considered eco-friendly because if motor oil or any other harmful liquids enter the bilge the sensor will not allow the pump to turn on. This sensing technology keeps the rivers, lakes and other waterways boaters enjoy free from pollution.

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Your boat or personal water craft is probably your favorite toy and just like all of our prized possessions we want to keep them looking nice and in tip-top shape. One of the parts of a boat that probably gets a lot of damage is the keel. But with Keelguard you will be able to protect the structure and appearance of your prized boat.

Keelguard is protection for the front of your boat from corrosion, scratches, and abrasions caused by rocks or sandy shorelines. If you find yourself docking your boat on a beach or occasionally tying up near a rocky shoreline you will want to protect the keel so the outside finish of the boat is not damaged. If the gel-coat finish on the exterior is compromised it can lead to moisture reaching the fiberglass laminate causing further damage.

Surprisingly easy to install, Keelguard uses an extremely strong adhesive from 3M that is pressure-sensitive but will stand up against rocks and other harsh materials that your boat may come in contact with. When you order the Megaware KeelGuard Keel Protector system you will also get a burnishing tool to make installation simple. Keelguard has also been shown to improve the performance and handling of boats and personal watercrafts helping them achieve greater speeds.

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Neoprene Vest


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Boaters, skiers, Jet Ski riders, any water sport lover will enjoy the style and comfort of the Matrix Neoprene Vest. This life vest from Body Glove provides flexibility with its multiple segmented neoprene panels made of durable, beveled PVC foam. It also features oversized arm holes that are pre-bent and anatomically cut. These two things combine to give you a neoprene vest that is comfortable and easy to move in while enjoying your favorite water sport.

 Along with comfort, the Matrix Vest is designed with safety in mind. It features a kidney support belt as well as an interior lumbar protection pad that can be removed. Unlike other safety vests, this one has its belts placed on the interior of the backside to avoid snags or getting caught up on something. The interior placement of the belts also provides a more snug fit.

 Other features of the Matrix Neoprene Vest are the heavy-duty zipper on the front and the two, one and a half inch nylon belts with Quick-Lock buckles for easily taking the vest off and on. The mesh drain panels are strategically placed throughout the vest so water is released quickly as soon as you leave the water. There is also an external stash pocket with a zipper for storing keys, cash, or whatever else you may need while enjoying your water sport.

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Why it’s Important to Make Investments in the Best Boating Accessories for You

You might use your boat for leisure or work but chances are that you need plenty of boating accessories to keep everything going smoothly. However what some people don not realize is that there are even boating accessories which are required in order to keep your boat in top working condition to be enjoyed for years to come. But before you go out and start investing in boating accessories you should make sure to sit down and create a list of everything you think you might need, and everything you know that you want. Then you should order your list from most important to least, which of course things that are necessary should always be placed at the top.

Being ready with your list means you are ready to really delve into what should be purchased right away and what can wait until a later time. Of course there are many options available to you when it comes time to purchase such as brick and mortar stores and online outlets of all kinds which is sometimes the best way to go. It is important however to keep in mind that prices online don’t usually include shipping charges until check out so consider this when comparison shopping. For high end boating accessories, specialty products can be purchased from places like boating magazines and specialty stores found both online and offline.

Discount websites like eBay and Amazon might have exactly what you are looking for as well. Something you will always want to be aware of though is that for every shop that offers great deals on boating accessories, there are many more like it. All in all you shouldn’t spend too much time comparison shopping but it’s safe to say that doing some comparing can save you quite a bit of money. Don’t forget that policies on returning items and guarantees for particular boating accessories is pretty important and should never be ignored.

If you are ever in doubt, you can easily check things out by reading consumer reviews, company information at the BBB and checking with family and friends to find opinions. Sometimes you might find that some boating accessories aren’t at a savings but instead at a pretty hefty price, but it could be worth it. But keeping quality, value and brand name in mind you’re sure to find a perfect match for you.

What All Boat Owners Need To Know About Coast Guard Boating Regulations

All marine vessels plying around the navigable waters around the country are subject to federal boating regulations. In fact, all commercial and recreational vessels plying on navigable waters around the country are subject to the United States inland laws, the Coast Guard boating regulations and other applicable laws of the state where the boat is registered.

Recreational boats of different sizes and purposes are governed by different set of boating regulations. For regulation purposes, recreational boats are classified under four categories namely; (a) under 16 feet, (b) 16 feet to under 26 feet, (c) 26 feet to under 40 feet, and (d) 40 feet to under 65 feet.

The Coast Guard is very concerned when it comes to safety it imposes strict boating rules and regulations. It requires all vessels to carry visual distress signal devices on board including a combination of day/night red flares or one orange distress flag and one electric distress light. The Coast Guard has strict rules when it comes to the kind of life jackets and floatation devices to be used on board so boat owners have to be very careful when it comes to these things. Easy access to lifejackets both for adults and for kids while on baord is also very important.

When it comes to warning devices, all boats are required to have sound producing devices and navigations lights. Smaller crafts may use horns and whistles to as navigation warning equipment. On the other hand, larger vessels that are more than 39.4 feet are required by the Coast Guard to have stronger sound signaling devices that can be heard for about ½ mile. When it comes to ventilation, gasoline powered boats that have enclosed fuel tank must comply with government approved ventilation standards. Boats that were built after April 25, 1940 to have natural ventilation and backfire flame arrestor. Exhaust blowers are also required for boats that were built after July 31, 1980. As added precaution, the Coast Guard also requires all types of boats to have at least one Marine Type USCG B-I or three B-I fire extinguishers on board.

Aside from complying with Coast Guard boat regulations, boat owners must also follow local state laws. As protocol, all boats are required to keep a certificate of State Registration or certificate of number on board. Failure to keep a certificate of state registration or certificate of number on board can lead to legal sanctions including suspension of registration and payment of penalties.

Things to Think About When Living on a Boat

As long as you aren’t afraid of a little bit of water, living on a boat can turn out to be quite a bit of fun and a great experience. Seriously though, some people think they are going to love living on a boat at the thought of it only to find out just how terrifying it is to rock back and forth on the water during a storm when trying to sleep at night. Other people find living on a boat too isolating, especially when traveling to far away places on by water. On the other hand some people absolutely love the freedom and feel of living on the deep blues waters of the world.

Even though the space can be a little confining in a boat, even families love living together onboard. No matter how much you like to adventure, there may be things that are just too different from living in a traditional home to make you feel comfortable. Things like dishes don’t have much space to call home and you can forget about using a dishwasher to keep them clean. You’ll even need to strap many of your belongings down so they won’t roll around or break in rough waters which can happen even when the boat is docked.

The traditional shower or bath you might be used to won’t be as you know it anymore, because there usually is not room for more than a small standing stall. Being pretty limited as it is for 2 people, you could imagine just how cozy things would be for a small family of 3 or 4. So if you plan to live on a boat with your family, it’s advised that you are close knit and enjoy spending a lot of time together. There are some great things about living on a boat such as the money you would save on power, water, heating and other expenses that usually come along with living in a traditional house. You can also use satellite for television enjoyment and wireless Internet if that’s your thing so don’t feel you’ll be totally lost to the world just because you live on a boat. Something that is important when living on a boat is to have communication tools available even when traditional land line phones and mobile phones won’t work. It’s also important to learn the water rules when traveling to make your living experience as pleasurable, safe and legal as possible.

Taking A Boat Safety Course: Tips To Help You Pass

When you have a boat you can do a lot more in the summer. You can have so much fun on a boat, whether you like to fish or just want to get out and get a good tan and relax. There are different sizes of boats and tons of different features that you can have included and you can really live it up in the lap of luxury. No matter how much money you have to spend on a new boat however, you are going to need to go through and complete a boat safety course.

You need to take a boat safety course in order to be certified and considered legal to take a boat out on the water. The basic point is to show that you understand the rules of the water and that you are going to be responsible while you are out there. One of the best study tips is to break up your studying sessions into shorter, more frequent times rather than trying to fill your head full of all this information at once. It may seem easier to try and get it all out of the way as quickly as possible but this is not going to be beneficial.

You want to learn safety rules and information to remember it, not just to pass the test and then forget afterwards. It will be helpful to set up a schedule for your studying. You may want to take time every weekend to study for your boat safety course and then deal with your other regular activities through the week. You can find a friend or family member to help you out, and get them to pop quiz you here and there so you can see what you have learned.

Keep track of your progress as you go along. If you are struggling with any part of the test you should spend some time focusing on just that area before moving on. A boat safety course is usually not too difficult but you may get nervous when the time actually comes and struggle through it. Just be sure that any course you are considering online is certified.

A boat safety course will usually take about an hour and you will want to call in and book it ahead of time, usually around spring is best because then you will still have all summer to go boating. Even if you do not pass your boat safety course the first time around stay positive because you can always do it again. It will be more than worth it to go through for your boat safety course. These tips will be incredibly helpful and offer you the best chances of success with your boat safety course.

Summer Ski Boats- Making the Best of Your Time With Them

Ski boats are definitely a popular device used during the Summer time by people from all different kinds of walks of life. After all there is nothing like having some fun in the sun while staying cool in the water and getting some exercise at the same time to boot! Ski boats tend to be expensive but that doesn’t mean there aren’t different ways to go about having a great experience with them. You can rent ski boats usually for an hourly, daily or even a weekly rate.

You can even lease ski boats for the entire summer if that’s something that interests you because you will be spending so much time on the water. You can even go half with a friend of family member and become part owner of your very own ski boat. Once you have figured out how you are going to finance your boat, it’s time to figure out the style, and options you want to go with. You might even consider getting a bigger boat than a ski boat so more people can fit on it at any given time.

Keep in mind what the differences would mean to you from one model to another. Consuming gas is what boats tend to do best so it is definitely something to keep in mind when choosing the speed, model and size of the ski boat you want. What is cool about renting a ski boat is the fact that most things will come stocked in it already, saving you money. Things like skis, inflatable toys and sun block are all important things you will probably find on a ski boat you rent.

If these things aren’t already on board you’re going to want to make sure you stock the boat yourself or you might find yourself sunburned, thirsty and bored. Fishing, snorkeling and speed boating are just a small number of things you can do on a ski boat during the summer, or anytime really. There really is not a set number of activities you can do when spending the day on a ski boat, especially when you’re armed with an imagination. Parties and get-togethers are a great way to spend a weekend afternoon with the family and a few good friends, just make sure to keep the alcohol on land to avoid accidents. Remember, safety comes first so make sure you have a life jacket available for everyone you take aboard the boat with you.

Investing in a Custom Boat is a Really Big Deal

Families, fisherman and friends alike love to spend time on boats during the summer as well as various other times of year, so much so that more and more people invest in one every single year. The problem with purchasing a boat nowadays though is the fact that everything comes right off the factory line without any consideration to a consumer’s particular needs. And for this reason is purchasing a custom boat extremely popular, but also pretty pricey. Consider the fact that you’ll spend up to 50% more on a custom boat than you will on a boat that comes right off the line.

Is this something that sounds good to you? What if you were to find out that custom really means custom including the boat layout as well as the colors and pretty much anything else you can think of. It truly is an ideal investment if it is something you can afford, because a custom boat can allow for an enhanced overall experience. Better yet, you can even customize your boat to be the best it can be for the activities you like such as fishing and skiing or anything else you can possibly think of, talk about a specialized boat!

The good news is that when you purchase a custom boat you don’t have to incorporate everything you want into it all at once. You can actually start with what you are comfortable so you can start to enjoy the boat while adding to it as you can. Also, if you are looking for a way to incorporate some things you want that are specific but you are on a limited budget, you can always invest in a partial custom boat. For example you can buy the shell of the boat and then choose from a number of custom samplings to make the boat how you would like it to be.

It’s a good idea to shop in person when choosing a custom boat or even to work closely with a design expert to hash out exactly what you want before even begin to shop around. If you don’t you might end up with something you imagined, but isn’t an actual reality which will cost you more money customizing the boat in the long run. The bottom line is that purchasing a custom boat is the best way to enjoy the experience of being a boat owner without having to worry about having a boat that is so similar to everyone else around.